Note - These are the most common solutions for Moostro problems. If you can't find or solve your problem here, please contact us at with a detailed description of your problem.

General Questions

Installing and Uninstalling Moostro

Error Codes When Using Moostro

Updating fight data, verifying subscription, Capturing Trips

Palm Application and Logbook

What version of Moostro do I have?

Start Moostro and on the top of the window click Help, About. If Moostro won't run you can check by right clicking on the file "moostro.exe" and hitting properties (located in the Program Files\Moostro 7 folder), and clicking the version tab on the window that opens.

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Will Moostro run on a Mac?

Moostro won't run on natively Mac OS so you'll need a little help… If you have Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Boot Camp, you can run windows on the Mac and run Moostro that way.

If you have not already checked out our Websheets, they can be accessed from any computer regardless the of Operating System as long as that computers is connected to the Internet and has a printer attached to it.

For further information, please contact us at

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How do I renew my subscription?

Once you are within thirty days of your expiration date (which is on the top of your calendar) , when you run the update function you will automatically be advised that your subscription will soon expire. You may then, or during a subsequent update, choose to renew online by credit card or check. If you cannot get to our renewal screen, check your version of Moostro--if you still have 5.xx or 6.xx, you will need to upgrade to Moostro 7 first. In any event, if necessary we can renew your subscription from our end to keep you running until we get any problems resolved. Thanks for your continued business!

NOTE - If you know you expire soon, and don't get the renewal notice, try hitting the patch button on the top toolbar of Moostro to have it retrieve the latest version of the software. Once the patch is complete, go back and update. At this point you should get the renewal notice.

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I already have Moostro 7, how do I get the latest version?

Just click the Patch button on the top toolbar in Moostro and the program will automatically download and install the most current version of the software. If the patch fails to get you current, head to the downloads page and get the full version there. Install that on top of what you already have on the computer and you should be ready to go with the latest version.

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FFDO features

Moostro can automatically reformat the trips you've flown in the manner that the TSA wants them. Just right click on the trip, select Copy FFDO, and Moostro puts the trip in the Windows clipboard (memory) just the way they want it. Then place your cursor in the appropriate blank on the TSA web page and select Edit, Paste from the Internet Explorer menu, or use Ctrl and V on your keyboard. Additionally, under the FFDO tab from the Moostro menu View, Options, you can choose whether or not to include your deadheads.

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How do I use the FFDO export?

Just open Moostro so you're looking at the main calendar screen. Righ-click one time on the first trip you want to export and click the FFDO button. Then open the TSA's website where you would normally type in your legs. Right-click that blank and hit Paste. That trip's details will now be pasted into the TSA's page. Go back to Moostro and repeat for your other trips as needed.

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How do I get my data from Moostro 6 to Moostro 7?

1. If you still have Moostro 6 installed on your computer, go to Moostro 7 and click the File menu, and hit “Import Version 6 Data.” This will automatically bring over all your trips, calendar comments, payroll reports, and hotel files. Anything you have already captured with Moostro 7 will be erased and will have to be captured again.

2. If you don’t have Moostro 6 installed, but you do have a backup of your old data, just go to the File menu in Moostro 7 and click on Restore Data. A window will come up asking for the location of your data. Just tell it where to find everything, and it will do the rest for you.

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Tell me about WebSheets.

WebSheets are the replacement for the old Faxback system. You can now get Trip Sheets from any computer on the Internet that has a printer. Simply go to and click the WebSheets button on the left side of the screen. This will bring up a screen asking for your userID and password, and the details for the trips you wish to print and your sheets will be generated on-the-fly as an Adobe .PDF file.

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I don't need Moostro 6 and want it off my computer.

WARNING- Uninstalling Moostro 6 in any other way than the one listed below may result in the loss of your Internet Connection. Please do not use the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature to remove Moostro 6!

To uninstall Moostro 6 without harming your computer, make sure you have Moostro 7.10 or later. This version includes a new uninstaller that will take care of Moostro 6 and create a backup of your old data in case you need it. To use the new uninstaller, just open Moostro 7, go to the File menu, and select "Uninstall Moostro 6".

If you wish to retrieve the backup file from Moostro 6, it is called and can be found in the directory where you installed Moostro 7. If you installed Moostro 7 to the default directory, it will be C:\Program Files\Moostro 7.

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I need to uninstall and reinstall Moostro 7.

1.    First, back up your data if you have trips you want to save by clicking the BACKUP button on the Moostro toolbar.  Save the file to a location OTHER than your Moostro folder.  I suggest putting it in “My Documents” or your Desktop.

2.    Create a RESTORE POINT on the computer by clicking START then ALL PROGAMS then ACCESSORIES then SYSTEM TOOLS then SYSTEM RESTORE.  Click the option “Create a Restore Point” then click NEXT.  In the description, put your name or something then click CREATE.  The data and time will automatically get added.  Once that is done you can click CLOSE and exit out.

3.    Go to the CONTROL PANEL and select ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.  Select Moostro 7 and click REMOVE.

4.    There is a glitch in Windows that sometimes causes the Internet to stop working when you remove a program like we just did.  For this reason, try and log onto the Internet.  If you can still get on the Internet, then reinstall the program from the “Downloads” page.  Once Moostro is reinstalled, you are done.  Pull down the HELP menu in Moostro and select ABOUT and make sure it says version 7.06 or higher.  If it does, you do not need to do the rest of these steps.

5.    IF YOUR INTERNET STOPPED WORKING WHEN YOU UNINSTALLED MOOSTRO then we must put everything back the way it was and uninstall a different way. 

6.    Restore your computer to the restore point we created in step 3 by clicking START then ALL PROGAMS then ACCESSORIES then SYSTEM TOOLS then SYSTEM RESTORE.  Select the option “Restore my computer to an earlier time” then click NEXT.  Highlight the restore point you just created and then click NEXT and follow the instructions.  Your computer will reboot and you will be back to where you were a few minutes ago.  After that is complete, try to get on the Internet again.  You should be able to, so life is good again. 

7.    Head to and go to the Downloads section to get Moostro 7 again. Once this is installed, everything should be back to normal.

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I uninstalled Moostro 6, and now I can’t get back on the Internet!

This problem is a direct result of the old uninstaller that was used with Moostro 6. Here is how to get to system restore and attempt to take your computer back to a previous date when it was working:

1.    Click your Windows “Start” button

2.    Go to Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools

3.    Click on “System Restore”

4.    Chose the radio button for “restore my computer to an earlier time” In here, you should get a calendar with a few dates in bold and a few in regular fonts. Pick any bold date, preferably the closest one to before you uninstalled Moostro 6 and hit next. Let system restore run and it should get you back online.

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When I Install Moostro 7, I get to the end and the installer gets stuck.

If you get to the very end, you have everything you need, but the installer won't close for some reason. All you need to do is make a shortcut to Moostro on your desktop and you should be back in business. To do that, just follow these directions:

1.    Open My Computer

2.   Open your C: drive, then open program files.

3.   Open the Moostro 7 folder.

4.   Right-click one time on the moostro.exe icon with the moose head and select "Send To" then click "Desktop, Create Shortcut".

5.    Close the Moostro 7 folder.

You should now have a shortcut to moostro.exe on your desktop and this will launch Moostro 7.

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Any error not listed here:

If you are having a problem that's not listed here, try these things first. They are are your best bet to try and fix the problem quickly:

1) Reboot your computer.
2) Hit the patch button on the top toolbar in Moostro to make sure you have the latest version.
3) Contact us at for further help.

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Error 94: Invalid Use of Null

If you run into this error while using Moostro, delete the trip capture from your calendar that caused this error. Verify that you have latest version of Moostro (on the top menu). If your version is update, reboot your computer and restart Moostro. Then, attempt to capture the trip again. That should fix the issue. If not, send us a email containing a screenshot of the error and the city pair that caused it.

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"Runtime error 372"

This error message is usually caused either by the installation of Adobe Reader 7, or by the uninstallation of Moostro 6 changing some of your system file permissions. If you are getting this message, please let us know if you have recently upgraded Adobe or uninstalled older versions of Moostro and we'll help you get going again.

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"Vidilex Font Missing"

1.   Download this file and save it to your desktop.

2.   Make sure Moostro is not running and double click the file. That should open the WinZip Self-Extractor with the directory "c:\windows\fonts" already selected.

       Note - If you use Windows 2000, change "windows" to "winnt"

3.   Press the Unzip button and the files will be installed for you.

4.   Go to your Windows Control Panel and double-click the fonts button to open the fonts screen. Opening this screen finishes the installation. You don't need to do anything in here.

5.   Close everything and launch Moostro.

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Error Number 5: Invalid Procedure Call or argument when trying to preview my calendar.

This is caused by a trip that was either captured with an earlier version of Moostro and has improperly formatted data, or has become corrupted in the database. To find the cause of the problem, double click on the different trips on your calendar. One of them will give you the same error 5 message instead of the trip details. Once you find that trip, just delete it from your calendar and capture it again.

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Error 380

This one is kind of serious and usually requires that Moostro be uninstalled, and then reinstalled. Please reference I have the current version and need to reinstall.

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Error 13: "Type Mismatch"

If you get this when Moostro starts up, check that the Regional Settings in the Control Panel of Windows are set to United States. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel. If that checks out OK, follow the instructions for Moostro won't start--the Moose splash screen freezes.

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Error 432: " Uninstall Shield Still running, Etc..."

Usually occurs if you just uninstalled the old Moostro. Reboot the computer then run the installation for the new Moostro again.

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Printer Error 482

Most of the time this error will show up if you just put Moostro on a new computer that doesn't have printer drivers installed yet. Once you install your printer drivers, this error will go away. You won't notice any problems using Moostro, but you won't be able to print.

This error may also come up if your default printer in Windows is no longer on the computer. You can check your default printer by going to your Windows Control Panel, the going to "Printers and Faxes". The default printer will have a black check next to it. If that's not your usual printer, just right click your actual printer and hit "Set as default printer."

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Error 2 and/or Add font resource

Moostro adds the font called Vidilex to your computer when the program is installed. Occasionally during installation the processing of the Vidilex font does not complete--the solution is ordinarily very simple. Open the control panel and then double click the Fonts icon which will open the Fonts folder. (in windows XP you might have to select "Classic View" to see the Fonts icon) This should complete the installation of Vidilex. Close the Fonts window and try starting Moostro.

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Runtime error 53

This error is caused by some of the new files associated with Moostro 7 either being missing or corrupt. Generally, installing Moostro 7 on top of itself will correct this problem.

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I updated my flight plan data and it says it's still out of date. I'm unable to print!

If you update and Moostro says you still can't print, chances are the date on your computer is wrong. To check your Windows Date and Time, just double-click the clock in the bottom right of your screen. That will give you the time and date that Windows thinks it is. If that date is incorrect, correct it, and then hit Apply and OK. After that, update your flight plan data again and you should be back in business.

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When I update Moostro, it says a newer version is available, and downloads it, but gets stuck.

If you press update and get a message that a new version is available and let the update run, but then get the message that "Moostro is Already Running," we need to get the latest version a slightly different way.

To do this, reboot your computer to clear out Moostro from memory, then once the computer is back up,  launch Moostro and hit patch (on the top toolbar). That will get the latest version without getting your flight plans and subscription data, which will solve this problem. After you run the update, start Moostro again and you should now be on the latest version. Don't forget to hit update after you are done with this process to make sure your subscription info and flight data are current!

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Moostro won't start--the Moose splash screen freezes

There is a corruption in part of your Windows registry relating to Moostro. The registry is an integral and extremely important part of Windows.
Caution: if any of this procedure is confusing to you, or you become unsure of how to proceed, please email us and we will help you with this procedure "live"--Windows can be rendered inoperative!

1.    Click Start, Run and type "regedit" and click OK to start the registry editor.

2.    Navigate to My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Moostro\Options.

3.    Put your mouse right on the Options folder and right click. (make sure that you can see that the Options folder is highlighted) Point at delete on the menu and left click your mouse--Windows will ask you if you are sure that you want to delete the key and its sub keys. Click Yes.

4.    Now close the registry editor and restart Moostro. As Moostro restarts it rebuilds the Options folder as it was when you installed the program, so if you changed any fonts, colors or other options, they will have to be set again in the program.

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Web Backup errors.

If you get any errors while doing a Web Backup, make sure you can update your flight plan data. We will only accept data from a computer that is "registered" with us. If you cannot update and get a message that we need to reset your breakers, let us know at and we'll take care of it.

If you are able to do an Update and still can't get the backup to work, check your firewall settings on your computer to make sure Moostro.exe is allowed.

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I am getting Error 3021 followed by Error 9 when I try to preview my calendar.

This error was caused by versions of Moostro prior to 7.05 capturing turns (one day trips). If you have any turns, make sure you are on the latest version of Moostro, then capture them again and these errors should go away.

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Error 3031: Failed to Save Trip Details, reboot and try again.

If you get this error message when trying to capture a trip, go back to the main screen in Moostro and click the Patch button on the top Toolbar. That will get the latest version of Moostro which should fix this error.  If the patch does not fix this error, please email us for further assistance.

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Error 3420: Object invalid or no longer set.

First, try rebooting your computer to see if that solves the problem. In most cases, it will. If rebooting doesn't help, head to the download section and download the full installation of Moostro 7. Install it on top of what you already have on your computer. All the system files will be replaced but your trips and notes should remain intact. If you continue to get this error, please email us at

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"I am Sorry, But I Am Unable To Verify Your Subscription..."

1.    Check your employee number. Click View, Options on the Moostro menu and make sure that your employee number is correct. Also, make sure that there is not a space in front of it. If you made a change, click OK to save, and then try the update again to see if it verifies your subscription.

2.    If you had Moostro installed on two computers and you have replaced one of your computers with a new one, or one of your machines has required a hard drive reformat or some new hardware parts, we may have to "reset your circuit breakers". Let us know at that your subscription is unrecognized and we will reset your record.

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Unable to update flight plans or download patches--various error codes

Usually this problem is caused by your firewall preventing Moostro to access the Internet. Check your firewall settings under the programs category to make sure that Moostro.exe has been given permission to access the Internet. Also, if you are using a third party firewall such as Norton or McAfee, make sure that the Windows firewall is disabled.

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Unable to capture trips from CWA.

1.    Make sure that you can go directly into SWALife (not from Moostro) and then into CWA and print a trip. If you cannot get to your trip without using Moostro, then the site is not functioning properly and you will need to call the SWA Help Desk.

2.   If you get an error message when you try to capture a trip, restart your computer and try it again. If that doesn’t help, contact Moostro Support, as something may be different with that trip display that we need to know about.

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Unable to capture trips from Wbid.

First check your versions of Moostro as well as Wbid. Start Moostro and then click Help, About from the top menu. (version check: Moostro-check our home page under "News" at the right side of the page, and click Wbid to go to their website) If you need to upgrade Moostro, just hit the Patch button on the top toolbar.

If the programs are up to date and you still can't capture, then continue along. Click the Wbid button again. Once Wbid is running, pull down the Miscellaneous menu and select Configure. Click the Pairing Export tab and make sure that "Enable Moostro Trip Capture" is selected. Now pick a line and double click it so the calendar shows and then double click on a trip. Once the trip is displayed, click on the Moostro button and you should get a window telling you that it was successfully captured.

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Trouble connecting when clicking "SWALife", “Patch” or "Update" from Moostro using AOL, CompuServe 2000 or MSN.

These Internet service providers are unique since they require their own browser window to open to connect to the Internet. Therefore when a program asks to connect to the internet, Windows tries to connect using your default connection, but depending upon which ISP you have, and which version of their software, either Windows won't know how to dial, or it will dial but the browser window for the specific ISP will start up and "cover" the window that was open. The easiest way to deal with this (other than switching ISP's) is to get connected to the Internet first, and then minimize the window. You will still be connected to the Internet and you can now start Moostro and update your flight plans, get your bids (Wbid), or go into CWA. If you're just going to browse the Internet, start up your Internet Explorer and away you go.

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I can't connect to SWALife and CWA, or my password won't work.

Call the Crew Portal folks Help Desk at 1-800-447-9291.

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What does the Palm Application do?

The palm link will install FLiCA for Palm, which will allow you to see your schedule and hotel information on your handheld without having to reference trip sheets or a computer. Every time you capture trips, you can run the palm program to keep your handheld up to date with your latest schedule. Click here to visit the FLiCA info page for more details.

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What type of device does the palm application run on?

PalmOS Devices - FLiCA for palm will natively run on any Palm OS based handheld with OS version 3.5 or higher. This covers anything made in the last few years, including the Treo smart phones.

Windows Devices - FLiCA will run in an emulated environment on PocketPC and Windows Mobile devices with the help of a third-party application called StyleTap. For more information on StyleTap, see the next entry.

Blackberry - Blackberry devices run their own proprietary operating system that is not compatible with PalmOS applications or StyleTap. Because of this, Blackberry devices are not supported for use with our Palm Application. However, the Outlook export option will still work.

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What does StyleTap do?

StyleTap will allow PocketPC users to access the FLiCA application on their handheld devices. StyleTap is an application that is not provided with Moostro, but does a very good job of emulating the Palm OS environment on a PocketPC. For more information on this program, visit their website HERE.

NOTE - There is a cost associated with StyleTap, but they give you a free trial, so if you are interested in trying it out there is no risk or commitment.

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I hit the palm button, Moostro said it’s done, but nothing else happened.

Once you get the message letting you know the palm files were created and installed, you need to Sync your Handheld with your computer. That will install our software to your palm, and you should have an icon on the screen for FLiCA.

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When I hit the palm button, the progress bar stops in the middle and never completes.

Check the trips on your schedule. If you gave away a trip and captured the new one with anything earlier than Moostro 7.07, the program was not deleting the old trip correctly, and you have two trips on the same day. Delete the trips and re-capture them, then hit the Palm button again.

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How do I move trips from FLiCA to my Palm Datebook application?

When you launch the FLiCA application and it first opens up with your current month's schedule, click the "More" button on the top of the screen. This will bring up a list of the trips on your schedule. Use the back and forward arrows to find the trip you want, then hit Add. Moostro will ask you what date your trip starts and then will add all the trips to your datebook.

Note -  In order for this feature to work, you need to have at least one entry on your datebook. If you try to add a trip and don't have anything in your datebook, Moostro will give you an error and make you add something before you can proceed.

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How does the Logbook feature work?

The logbook function creates a log based on the trips you have captured from CWA. Just hit the logbook button and you will be asked to select the months you wish to view a log for. You will be given the choice of Portrait (tall) or Landscape (wide), and then will be able to view or print that log.

NOTE - Currently, this feature uses the trips you captured from CWA, so in order to have it reflect your actual flying time as opposed to your scheduled times, you will need to capture your trips from CWA after you have flown them.

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