Moostro is a computer program that serves as an organizational tool for Southwest Airlines pilots. Our goal is to reduce your workload by providing a quality product and following up with excellent customer support. Visit What's Moostro for a comprehensive product explanation.

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The latest program version is 7.25.

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Moostro version history: a comprehensive list of all of the version improvements.

Version History


Latest News

Moostro 7.25 Released

Moostro 7.25 includes fixes:

  • Trip capture details modified (Error 3034/ Error 53):
  • Fixed trip data alignment issues.
  • To capture the latest flight data correctly, this update is required!

Updating Moostro:

Just hit the patch button on the top of Moostro and it will get the latest version automatically. If the patch fails to get the latest version, just click the link below to download the full Moostro 7 Setup. When you install that on top of what you already have, it will leave your trip data alone but will get the Moostro system files up to date. To bypast the security block from Windows 10, "Right click" on the Moostro icon on the desktop & "Run as Andinistrator".

Updated Answers section:

Added "Error 94: Invalid Use of Null"

Click here for a summary of what has been fixed in previous versions of Moostro.

Download Moostro 7 Setup  (~ 8.3 MBs)

New Customers


To find out more about Moostro and what it has to offer, navigate to What's Moostro where you can read about its functions and features.

If you are ready to begin your 90-day free trial, we have instructions to help you get up and running as easily as possible. For a thorough step by step procedure, see the Getting Started section.

Customer Satisfaction

Our number one goal is for you to be happy with our software and service.  We greatly appreciate any feedback on how to make Moostro better.  However, we also understand that some people just don't get along with computers and would rather drop-kick them off a cliff.  For this reason we have a refund policy.

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