FLiCA for Handhelds

What is it?

With FLiCA, you can now download your schedule to any handheld PDA (Palm OS or Pocket PC). You will be able to view trip details, hotel information, and your schedule directly on your handheld. You can even add trips directly into your Palm Date Book to simplify planning and scheduling of your work and personal life (only available with Palm OS handhelds; Pocket PC users will still need to use the Outlook feature in Moostro to get their schedule in their handheld's date book).

What devices will it work on?
  • PalmOS - FLiCA will run natively on any Palm OS handheld meeting the following requirements:
    • PalmOS version 3.5 or higher

  • Windows Handhelds - FLiCA will run with the assistance of SytleTap on any other handheld device meeting the following requirements:
    • Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket PC 2003 (including Second Edition and full VGA support)
    • Pocket PC 2002
    • Pocket PC 2000
    • For more information on StyleTap, visit their websitehere.

  • Blackberry - Since Blackberry devices use their own proprietary operating system that is not compatible with Palm OS or Windows Mobile, FLiCA will not run on these devices. However, if you have Outlook on your PC, you can export trip details to Outlook and then sync your Blackberry with Outlook.

How Does it Work?

Moostro takes the trips you captured from CWA and converts them into a format that will display on your handheld device. From there, everything is automatically installed the next time you sync your handheld. See "Using FLiCA" at the bottom of this page for more information on installing and using the program.

Click here to see samples of what FLiCA looks like on your Handheld.


Using FLiCA:


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