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Where Do I Start ?

Whether you're a new guy or an old time user that is installing Moostro on a new computer, or one that had to have the drive reformatted, this is the place to be. We want to make sure that you get everything installed correctly, and that Moostro works as advertised.



Moostro Installation Instructions

The following is a quick overview of what you need to do to get Moostro up and running. We recommend that you use our printer friendly page for reference.



Connection properties for Internet Explorer

If Internet Explorer doesn't dial correctly, or you're not sure, use this section to set the connection. If Internet Explorer already works correctly on your computer then skip to step 2.

The Internet Explorer is the easiest way to get on the internet and Moostro uses the Explorer settings to connect to the internet for doing things like updating your subscription and flight plans. If you have never used the Internet Explorer before, some things may not be set correctly. Follow these directions to set it up. Once set up, you can use it to easily get on the internet. 

a . Open the Control Panel .
Click the Windows Start button, go up to Settings and click Control Panel .  Double click the Internet or Internet Options icon.

b . If you have never used the Explorer, that might start the "Internet Connection Wizard" which will attempt to walk you through the process.  Cancel out of the wizard-- we will set the options manually.

c . Select the CONNECTIONS tab. This is where we tell the Explorer how to connect when we want to get on the internet.  If you have AOL, MSN, or CompuServe 2000 select "Never dial a connection" and read this.  If you have a high-speed connection like DSL or cable, skip to step d. Otherwise, highlight the connection you want to use, such as "CS3" or "At&T" and click on the option "Always dial my default connection", click the button "Set Default", then click OK .  

d . If you have a high-speed connection like DSL or cable, you will have the option "Never dial a connection" already selected.  Just leave it like that.


Install Adobe Acrobat Reader

Moostro needs the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view the Hotel Files.  Acrobat is no longer necessary for trip and payroll report capture. You can download it from the Adobe Web site.  Check "Add/Remove Programs" in your control panel first, and if you have any older versions, uninstall them before continuing.


Install Moostro

You can get Moostro from the Download page on our web site. Make sure that you read all of the instructions.


Configure your Firewall to allow Moostro to have access to the Internet

Most computers are now shipping with software internet firewalls, or you might have installed one on your existing computer--Norton, McAffee, and Zone Alarm are the most common brands. We do recommend that you have one, just make sure that it is configured to allow Moostro to access the internet. The application is called moostro.exe and will need to be granted full access to the internet in order to work. If you are unsure how to do this, check our answers page for a little more information.


I followed the instructions and I'm still having problems!

Please visit the Answers section so that we can help you troubleshoot and get things working. If you cannot find a solution to your problem there, email us at:


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