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Styletap - The homepage for the StyleTap program. Required to run the "FLiCA for Palm" application on Windows-based handhelds.

Microsoft Internet Explorer - Links you to the Microsoft page for the latest version of the Internet Explorer.

Adobe Reader - Free download of the Adobe Reader, which is necessary to print from Maestro. Get the latest from Adobe, or you can get version 5 from our site if you need it.

Wbid - Bidding program that works in harmony with Moostro.

Spybot - A program for finding and eliminating spy ware that gets maliciously downloaded to your hard drive.

Adaware - A program whose function is similar to Spybot. Many people use both programs to increase their chances of ridding their computers of all spyware.

Symantec - We really like Norton Internet Security--it contains Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Firewall, including parental controls.

McAfee - Similar products to Symantec's for firewall and virus control.

Windows Installer Cleanup Utility - You shouldn't be using this download unless you have specifically spoken with Moostro Support about this.

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