Make Your Schedule Accessible To Family And Friends!

Preview Calendar

There are two methods that can be used to publish your schedule for others to view. You must select the print preview mode in Moostro to prepare to publish by right clicking your mouse or clicking preview on the program toolbar at the top. Then select the type of calendar that you would like--bars or legs. Bars shows only the days that your trip spans, while legs shows all the details of your trip. You can fine tune other parameters under View, Options, Calendar tab.

Web Publish

Now that you have your calendar in the preview mode, make sure that your internet connection is available and click Web Publish on the toolbar above. As soon as you finish publishing your calendar, a web address is displayed and is also copied to the Windows clipboard. You can paste that address directly into an e-mail or anything else. You will then see an address like this,, except that it will contain your employee number. You can use that link now to see what a published calendar looks like. Alternatively, you can navigate to , and then enter the employee number to view the calendar. Once a calendar is displayed, there is a print button which enables a local copy to be printed.

Your calendar will be visible to anyone who knows your employee number and the web address. If you want to keep your schedule more private, then use the PDF PUBLISH option described below.

Note - Users of web browsers other than Internet Explorer may not see your schedule. They will need to use Internet Explorer to see your schedule using the provided link.

PDF Publish

Make sure that you are showing the preview mode of your calendar as described above in the Preview Calendar section. Click PDF Publish and you will be prompted to save your calendar to your computer as a .pdf file, which is the type that the Adobe Reader knows how to display. You can now attach that file to emails for family or friends to read and/or to print from their computers. To be able to do that they need the Adobe Reader, which is available for free from the Adobe Web site. Here is an example of a PDF Published calendar.

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