Version History

Moostro 7 Revisions

Fixes in Moostro 7.20 -
- Fixed trip capture issues/alignment issues.

Fixes in Moostro 7.19 -
- Fixed trip capture issues caused by SWALife Maintenance/Update.

Fixes in Moostro 7.18 -
- Fixed trip capture errors resulting from SWALife Maintenance/Update.

Fixes in Moostro 7.17 -
- Fixed Wbid trip import for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 users.
- Fixed patch button for some users (requires full install to get the fix).

Fixes in Moostro 7.16 -
- Fixed SWALife login issue with "Page can't be displayed" and similar errors.

Fixes in Moostro 7.15 -
- Fixed FA trip capture errors.
- Fixed "not a vaild integer value" errors on certain trip captures.

Fixes in Moostro 7.14 -
- Fixed trip capture bug that was causing 3031 errors.
- Added code to help suppress script errors and debug messages in SWALife/CWA.

Fixes in Moostro 7.13 -
- Updated bid guide.

Fixes in Moostro 7.12 -
- Fixed trip capture bug for modified pairings.

Fixes in Moostro 7.11 -
- Fixed trip capture bug involving layovers with no hotel info in SWALife.

Fixes in Moostro 7.10C -
- Corrected glitch that kept writing 2005 data on your Palm instead of 2006 and 2007.

Fixes in Moostro 7.10B - (all fixes related to Palm Application)
- December 2006 now overwrites December 2005 on the Palm data.
- “Add to datebook” feature no longer crashes your palm.
- Added TAFB and Block totals to trip details
- Layover times were being incorrectly calculated on trip details.
- Some people weren’t getting hotel names. This should be fixed with this release.

Fixes in Moostro 7.10 -
- Added new features: WebSheets, Web Backup, and Moostro 6 Uninstaller!
- Moostro failed to save your trip details if you ground time was exactly 24:00 (these trips will show 23:59 now)
- Pay Codes are now captured on daily totals on the trip preview page
- If you had two touching trips and replaced them with one trip, Moostro was not deleting both trips properly.
- "Hotel info not available" and "Hotel file missing" messages overlapped if you didn't have next month's hotel data yet.

Fixes in Moostro 7.09 -
- Help file in Moostro updated to include Moostro 7 info
- Palm file creation locked up if you had two trips overlapping on the same date
- In the Palm application, some people got the wrong trip details when they tapped a trip on their calendar
- Removed extra spaces between days on trip preview sheet.

Fixes in version 7.08B -
-Payroll Report capture fixed for people with quotes in their name.
-StyleTap option for PocketPC users added.

Fixes in version 7.08 -
-Trip Credit restored (broken in 7.06).
-Dead Heads show up on Calendar and Logbook.

Fixes in version 7.07 -
-Overlapping trips now prompt for deletion.
-Trips with long layovers (24 hours+) are captured (Note: Moose Sheets will read  23:59 in these instances)
-Moostro now minimizes when launching SWALife.
-F/A payroll reports are now captured.
-Transportation notes now show on the line below the hotel name.

Fixes in version 7.06 -
-FFDO and Dead Head spacing fixed.
-Hotel Time Zone now being displayed.
-Late Night Flights now print on the correct day.
-Reserve trips no longer display in LogBook.

Fixes in version 7.05 -
-Turns (1 day pairings) no longer cause error 3021.
-Hotel information avalable on calendar screens. (Transportion notes on trip detals coming soon)
-F/A captures in CWA added.
-TAFB, Limo, DM and nicknames now show up in trip details.
-Palm Calendar no longer loads up in December.

Fixes in version 7.04 - -Captures Reserve Blocks, Training, Dead Head.
-Includes Crew Names and corrects formatting issues.
-Now correctly identifies Trips and Payroll reports.

Moostro 6 Revisions

01 Jan 05 Version 6.14
- Adds compatibility with Adobe Reader 7

16 Dec 04 Version 6.13
-Eliminates "extra window" when exiting Maestro
-Adds FFDO trip format function

23 Sep 04 Version 6.10
-Single Engine Trip Sheet printing
-Maestro capture problem
-Error 380

11 Sep 04 Version 6.02
-Modified to capture pairings with the new numbering system.

Moostro 5 Revisions

22 Jul 04 Version 5.44
-Modified capture mechanism to eliminate errors resulting from slow Maestro response.

11 Jun 04 Version 5.43
-Pocket Bid Guide modified with the revised bid schedule for ELITT.

15 Dec 03 Version 5.42
-Changed the method by which Moostro interpreted whether an early AM flight was a continuing part of a duty period, or the beginning of the next.
-Changed the gate box to read "Gate Services" when applicable.

22 Nov 02 Version 5.40
-fixed "Error 70"/ "Could not convert Maestro file"problem.

07 Aug 02 Version 5.35
-missing hotel data window modified.

29 Jul 02 Version 5.34
-hotel data for modified trips.
-restore function enhanced.
-payroll printing problem fixed.

10 Jul 02 Version 5.25
-upgraded flight plan update mechanism.
-modified subscription update interface.

03 Jun 02 Version 5.23
-added connection options.
-fixed capture problem with new Wbid.

03 Mar 02 Version 5.22
-Uniprint shutdown enhancement for Portal change.

26 Feb 02 Version 5.21
-fixed occasional "Moostro is already running" problem.
-"error 13-type mismatch" eliminated for limo pairings.

06 Feb 02 Version 5.20
-displays company hotel data using Acrobat.

16 Jan 02 Version 5.14
-accommodates Portal anomaly on XP.

26 Dec 01 Version 5.12
-capture process modified to work better with XP.
-slightly tweaked print preview.

02 Dec 01 Version 5.11
-beta version for Windows XP and 2000.

17 Oct 01 Version 5.03
-"ready" instructions for capturing changed.
-"Maestro" button changed to "MySWA".

25 Sep 01 Version 5.0
- works with the new Crew Portal.
- essentially the same as version 4.24.

Moostro 4 Revisions

3 May 01 Version 4.24
- Added more options on calendars
- Changed font choices on "Legs" Calendar

8 Feb 01 Version 4.16
- Added more options on calendars.
- Various small fixes.

30 Jan 01 Version 4.12
- Added back "old" calendar with all the trip legs.
- Various small fixes.

24 Jan 01 Version 4.10
- Multiple users on one calendar.
- Greatly enhanced comments.
- Publish calendar to Web Site or PDF file.
- Capture and store payroll reports.
- Send your schedule to Microsoft Outlook.
- Easily backup your data with built-in backup.

Moostro 3 Revisions

8 Apr 00 Version 3.18
-Fixed "3420" error that occasionally popped up after updating flight plans. Added Faxback # on Pocket Pal. -Changed "Capture" toolbar appearance. Works with Wbid version 2.

24 Mar 00 Version 3.15
-Changed to manipulate printer drivers better and added "timer" feature in case Maestro doesn't respond.

11 Feb 00 Moostro Version 3.12
-Modified to work with Wbid 1.59J and works better with Canon Multi-Pass printers.

30 Jan 00 Moostro Version 3.09
-Tweaked the way Moostro and Wbid talk.

January 2000 Moostro Version 3.08
-Modified to be able to capture trips from Wbid Version 1.59g.

December 1999 Moostro Version 3.07
-Must have the "new" Maestro Home Access software installed. That is the version of Maestro that requires -CompuServe 4.0 to be installed.

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