What is Moostro?

Moostro is a system that reduces your workload and increases your efficiency. It is a program that you install on your computer that enables you to capture your flying from CWA or Wbid, store payroll reports, and then print all kinds of useful information detailed below. It displays a calendar which you can customize with different colors and fonts, comments or appointments, and publish your schedule to our web site or to an Adobe Acrobat file.

This is what the program looks like on your monitor.

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Why do you need Moostro?

  • Print Trip Sheets with expected routes and ATC frequencies.
  • Hotels and phone numbers for overnights on your trip text with additional transportation notes like "Don't take the tram" to send you in the right direction.
  • Printed calendars -- 8.5 x 11.0 and pocket sized.
  • Publish schedules to our web site, or .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) for emailing.
  • Capture and save your payroll reports then view or print them from Moostro.
  • Send your schedule to Microsoft Outlook's calendar.
  • Backup all of your data to a compressed file or to our remote storage location.
  • Use our FLiCA application to your show you flight and hotel info on your Palm Handheld.
  • Create a logbook based on the flights you flew and save it to PDF or print it for your records.
  • NEW! - Create Trip Sheets from the web - great for reserve pilots!

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Free 90 Day Trial!

Please try Moostro--you'll be glad you did!

Your first 90 days are free, and there is no obligation to continue your service if you decide you won't find the program to be useful or aren't satisfied with it's features.

Go ahead, try it out .

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Detailed Features:


Trip Sheets

Trip sheets show your scheduled out and in times with a space for you to write down the actual times. Trip sheets also contain an expected route as well as the typical local and enroute ATC frequencies. (makes you look smart when all you heard was 132.?something) Also included are entries regarding whether or not push calls, or special single engine procedures are required. NOTE - Trip Sheets are not FAA approved and are not a substitute for Jeppesen Manuals, the Approved Southwest Airlines Flight Ops Manual, or other pertinent FAA publications.

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WebSheets give you the ability to print your Trip Sheets when you aren't at your home computer. Simply go to www.moostro.com and click on "WebSheets" on the left navigation bar to access the WebSheets interface. Once you give us your departure and arrival cities, your trip sheets are generated on-the-fly as an Adobe .PDF file which you can print out.

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The Moostro "trip text", which is pocket sized, shows all of the legs of your trip and also contains the information for your overnight hotel and its phone number. It " knows" whether you go to the AM or PM hotel, or the "in before 1000 Central Time", or "overnights less than eleven hours" ,etc.........you know what we mean. It tells you where to go! Moostro can also display or print out the hotels for the entire system!

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Moostro gives you the ability to create on screen and printed calendars that contain not only your flying schedule, but also any "comments" that you can add for reserve days, appointments, vacations, etc. Once you create a calendar on screen, you can print (8.5 x 11.0, or pocket size), and publish them (see Publish below). If you are the creative type, you can also change the colors, fonts, and type sizes on your on screen and printed calendars, also.

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After you have created a calendar, Moostro can publish it to an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file which you can email to family or friends, or publish it directly to our web site where your family or friends can view or print it.

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Payroll Reports

We know people like to keep close track of their payroll, and Moostro gives you the ability to capture those reports while in Maestro and have them permanently saved into Moostro so that you can view or print them later when you're not online.

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Microsoft Outlook

If you like to use the Outlook calendar for planning your events, you'll like the fact that Moostro can send your data to the calendar with just a click---and many of PDA's can synchronize with Outlook, also.

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Backup Your Data

Many of you have probably experienced the heartbreak of hard drive failure or motherboard burnout. Moostro has the ability make a compressed (.zip) backup of your data (trips and comments for all months) to any drive you chose. That gives you the opportunity to restore all of your data in the event of a failure, or to migrate your data after purchasing a new computer.

A new option, recently added to Moostro is the ability to back your data up to our secure server. There is no additional fee for this service, and this will ensure that you have quick access to your data when you need it! Your data will be password protected so only you have access to it, and will be available to you no matter where you go.

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FLiCA for Palm

The new FLiCA for Palm application will allow you to load all your captured trips and hotel information onto a compatible Palm OS or Windows device. No more carrying around piles of paper... You can now have all this data at your fingertips.

Click here to see samples of what FLiCA looks like on your Handheld.

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Moostro can create a logbook based on the trips you have captured from CWA and display them in an easy to read format. This is what the Logbook looks like.

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